For You, Umma

Rawmyun (ramen) was created in memory of my mom. Back in my early twenties, she was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. When cancer took over her life, I felt helpless, unable to serve her a single warm meal that she could enjoy. Instant ramen was one of those nostalgic comfort foods for our family growing up, a quick-fix for a working mother as well.

Fast forward to today, the moments with her inspired me to create something that could make a difference for others. Rawmyun is the result, a warm and comforting bowl of noodles that anyone can enjoy guilt-free. It is made with ONLY real ingredients, featuring over 15 superfoods in one cup. Rawmyun is gluten-free, free from major allergens, and 100% plant-based/vegan. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle, and Rawmyun is here to support you on that journey.

Co-founder & CEO Joseph Seo